The Double Life of a Brilliant New York Orthopedic Doctor

RESIDENT.COM || Double Life of Orthopedic Doctor, does it sounds interesting? For the past 25 years, quintessential New York doctor Gabriel Dassa has been dedicating himself to the well-being of his community both on and off the stage, sharing his talents in medicine and performance with the world. Not many medical professionals can say the same; not only is Dr. Dassa a board-certified orthopedic surgeon, but he is also a staple of the music industry, lending his musical talent as a singer to best-selling a vocal  group, The Tokens, famous for their 1961 hit, The Lion Sleeps Tonight.” For decades, the multi-hyphenate surgeon and vocalist has created a unique harmony between the worlds of art and medicine, and, in many ways, he’s just getting started. 

Visitors and patients from all over the United States frequently make the trip to Dr. Dassa’s three state-of-the-art New York locations, hoping to be treated by the world-class orthopedic surgeon. Whether holding tenure in his two Bronx locations or idyllic upstate New York practice, Dr. Dassa has dedicated the past three decades to serving and accommodating patients dealing with complex conditions such as ligament tears, orthopedic and hand trauma, joint fractures, and rotator cuff tears