Well Tuned – Top NYC Dr. Gabriel Dassa is the Doctor Who Sings

IMPACT WEALTH || Welcome to the world of Dr. Gabriel Dassa. Not too many medical professionals can boast a resume full of wellness and musical joy like him. He is not only a well-known orthopedic expert. He also has the proud and unique honor of being a star in the music industry. There frankly are not too many medical professionals in the world who also are talented artists, but as demonstrated by the man with multiple talents there really should be on earth.

The doctor that does it all abides by a motto of being able to treat all patients in a competent and compassionate environment. While his practice Dassa Orthopedics specializes in orthopedic treatments, Dr. Dassa also applies the benefits of music to his overall office protocols. His patients love his musical presence as much as his delighted audiences when he performs with Classic Sounds.

From the operating room and during consults then onward to the music stage, Dr. Dassa demonstrates impeccable skill and steadfast determination to succeed in his passions. He is the leading orthopedic expert in the New York Metropolitan area and is well known as one of the most memorable voices in the a cappella group Classic Sounds and is a member of Jay Siegel’s Tokens. A trailblazer across industries, he continues to spread passion and healing to his community.